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The Government “is playing for time while they desperately try to salvage some credibility from their doomed ‘eco-town’ project at Long Marston”, Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff believes.
He expressed his views after the Government announced that it had again put off a decision on the proposed “eco-town” by judging it within the wider regional spatial strategy review process. This means that the future of the site at Long Marston will now not be decided until an undetermined date towards the end of the year.

Commenting Peter said:

“The decision on whether to build the ludicrously named Middle Quinton development was originally due in October 2008. This has been repeatedly pushed back, and last week seems effectively to have been kicked into the long grass.

“Over recent months it has become increasingly clear that an ‘eco-town’ at Long Marston is neither suitable, sustainable nor wanted. Independent report after independent report has confirmed what local people have been saying all along: that a development of the proposed scale will be an environmental, economic and social disaster.

“We do need to build more homes – no one would dispute that – and we must ensure they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. But we must also ensure they are in the right place – where people want to live and can find work.

“Long Marston is not the right place. It’s perfectly simple - the Government should hold up its hands, admit ‘eco-towns’ are not a good vehicle to address the nation’s housing needs. Instead it must get on with redeveloping real brown field land near urban areas which can be turned into ‘eco-suburbs’, with good, clean transport links to existing work and social networks. It’s just a shame they haven’t got the courage to make this decision now but are putting it off until the end of they year.

“The good news is that with every delay, the election comes closer – and my Party, if it wins that election as I expect, will stop the project in its tracks. So this delay could be very good news indeed for Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.”


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