Environmental Campaigners congratulate Peter Luff MP
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Environmental Campaigners congratulate Peter Luff MP

Environmental Campaigners congratulate Peter Luff MP - Initiative will lead to investment, create local green jobs and help with climate change and fuel poverty
The Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEP) today congratulated local Mid Worcestershire MP Peter Luff for signing House of Commons Early Day Motion No: 1010.

The cross party motion recognises the need to use green energy to protect the environment and slow down climate change and supports the Private Members Bill introduced by Peter Ainsworth MP which aims to get rid of some of the disincentives and blockages to local, green energy production. Peter has also pledged to be in the Commons this Friday (8th May) to vote for the Bill.

The Bill
• Requires the existing microgeneration strategy to be updated and to focus on existing housing stock and include a fiscal strategy for developing microgeneration and energy efficiency
• Requires the new renewable energy tariff (which helps householders and small businesses to obtain payment for surplus energy generated by microgeneration) to be fully implemented
• Removes ‘red tape’ planning barriers and other disincentives to the installation of microgeneration and energy efficiency

Ron Bailey, Parliamentary Adviser to SEP/ or MPC said “We congratulate Peter for supporting this important Bill and being in the forefront of new steps to combat climate change by supporting local, green energy and look forward to their continuing support for the Bill”.

Peter said: “Climate change and fuel poverty are two pressing issues which this Bill tackles together. Therefore I am happy to lend it my full support. I look forward to this Bill becoming law and will do all I can to assist with that objective. Climate change is a real and present threat: we must all do all we can to deal with this problem”.

Notes to editor:

House of Commons Early Day Motion No: 1010, GREEN ENERGY BILL
That this House supports the provisions contained within the Green Energy Bill introduced by the hon. Member for East Surrey and a cross-party group of hon. Members, on promoting the revision of the Government's microgeneration strategy, reforming planning law, and exempting microgeneration developments and energy efficiency measures from a potential council tax and business rate penalty, thereby ensuring that a range of measures designed to promote green energy through small scale renewable and sustainable sources will enable people and businesses to benefit from generating their own energy; recognises the need to use green energy to protect the environment and to slow down climate change; and therefore calls on the Government to support the Bill.

Peter Ainsworth MP is the Conservative MP for East Surrey and was the Conservative Party’s Opposition spokesman on the environment. www.peterainsworth.com/

More information on the Bill and the campaign can be found at www.micropower.co.uk

The Sustainable Energy Partnership represents all the major environmental and ‘fuel poverty’ NGOs

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