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People across the Vale of Evesham need to understand the scale of the proposed wind farm in the Lenches/Lenchwick area, says local MP Peter Luff.

Last weekend, Peter met representatives of the five local parish councils most directly affected by the plans. Commenting after the meeting, Peter said:

“Our constructive meeting revealed concerns that the scale of the project still hasn’t completely sunk in among local people.

“We haven’t got the planning application yet so we don’t know exactly how many turbines there will be - probably 8 or 9 - or exactly where they will be located, but we do know something of their likely visual impact.

“These turbines are going to be 125 metres high. This sounds a lot, but it’s pretty hard to imagine how they will look. But when you consider:

• the wind generator by Tescos in Evesham is only 18 metres (one seventh the size of the proposed turbines)
• they will behalf as high again as Big Ben’s 96 metres,
• or that they will be two thirds of the size of the giant radio transmitters at Wychbold…

….then you can begin to see just how enormous these turbines are going to be.”

“My position on renewable energy is simple – we do need more renewable energy sources, including onshore wind, but they must be located in areas where communities welcome them; they should not have a detrimental effect on the environment or other aspects of the area.

“I have no control over the planning process, although I do believe the government should put buffer zones of at least one kilometre and preferably two between these turbines and the nearest residential property. Sadly they are refusing to do so.

“Ultimately, then, it is the views of locally elected district council representatives, advised by officers, that count on any local planning matter. However, I do have a duty to ensure my constituents are fully aware of the facts, and so I urge all those who live in the area to reflect on the scale of the proposals and how it could affect them.”

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