Mail on Sunday accepts clarification on select committee visit
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Mail on Sunday accepts clarification on select committee visit

Dear Constituent,

I am delighted to tell you that the Mail on Sunday willingly offered to publish the statement below from me on the Business and Enterprise committee's recent visit to the Middle East following an earlier report in the paper about which I had complained.

The editor has also undertaken to give serious consideration to covering our report when it is published in the summer.

I regard their actions as being welcome, constructive and speedy - and it shows it is worth complaining sometimes!


Text of letter published yesterday, 10th May:

On April 26th Black Dog sarcastically reported members of the Commons Business Committee spending an “agreeable” time in sunny Dubai. In fact our four days in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh could only be described as agreeable if you like giving up your entire weekend for work and appreciate 12 hour working days. Encouraging British exports is hardly a foolish or flippant task in the current economic circumstances and our visit was welcomed as being of direct benefit to UK trade in a region where building relationships is crucially important.

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